How can I change the weather forecast?

This article applies to version 10.

Local weather forecast is an eye magnet for the screen visitor. Smartsign 10 automatically locates your screen geographically by using your IP Network address. However, depending on network infrastructure and routing this might mismatch with your true location in such an extent that you might want to correct it.

To do this navigate to MANAGEMENT > PLAYERS and select the player you want to edit.

Once selected, press the green VIEW button and navigate to the SETTINGS TAB.

First find the setting “Allow player to request geolocation data” and disable it. Otherwise the player will overwrite you manual location the next time it restarts.

Then choose GEOLOCATION in the Drop down menu above the settings.

Here you can now fill in country and city as plain text, or you can choose to use coordinates from GOOGLE MAPS to pinpoint your geographical location.

When you have completed your configuration, click Save at the bottom.


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